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Demand Fair Leasing Prices

We cannot allow leasing companies to exploit the vehicle cap to take advantage of our fellow drivers. We demand a fair limit to leasing prices. Sign this petition to demand a fair limit to leasing prices.

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Demand a TLC Hearing on Pay Protections

FHV Drivers are demanding an end to exploitation and poverty wages. We’re calling on the Taxi and Limousine Commission to hold a hearing and listen to our case for fair pay.

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Tell the TLC to Protect Drivers’ Pay

For-hire vehicle companies have been profiting from false promises for far too long. Many IDG members trusted ride-hail companies that called themselves “driver-friendly” but we all know they only have one goal: to profit from your labor.

Sign our petition calling on the TLC to protect drivers’ pay. 

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Support the NYC driver healthcare bill

36.6% of IDG members said they do not have healthcare insurance according to an internal survey. It’s appalling that in one of the most wealthy cities in America, the people responsible for the safe transportation of over 200,000 people per day don’t have access to affordable health insurance.

That’s why the New York City Council proposed bill 1301 to help drivers cover the costs of healthcare. Support this bill now.

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CEO Travis Kalanick Should Immediately Resign from Trump’s Advisory Council Over Immigration Ban

Uber needs to make a good faith effort to stand with immigrant workers. That’s why we’re also calling on Uber to:

  • State publicly that drivers will not be penalized for acting in protest of the immigration ban
  • Immediately institute in-app tipping to support immigrant workers in NYC
  • Make a substantial donation in support of the work of non-profit organizations fighting the immigration ban

Workers Need Access to Bathrooms In Manhattan

There are over 50,000 new for-hire vehicle workers in New York City today. That’s up from around 10,000 before Uber came to town.

With this shift in demographics, our city’s infrastructure has not caught up—if we have to use the restroom in an emergency, we often times run the risk of losing hundreds of dollars in a ticket. There is a severe shortage in FHV parking throughout Manhattan. In partnership with the Taxi and Limousine Commission, we have been pushing the Department of Transportation to add more FHV rest areas, but they are moving extremely slowly.

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Workers Need Access to Bathrooms at JFK

There’s a problem that For Hire Vehicle drivers have been trying to address for years – there’s no place for drivers to use the bathroom at JFK. 

While drivers are waiting to pick up passengers, sometimes for quite a while as customers make their way through one of the world’s busiest airports, there is no safe, clean place to use the bathroom.

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Tell Uber: Add An Easy Option for Tips

Uber has been stubbornly unwilling to give our riders an easy option to tip. As a result, New York’s working drivers are losing thousands of dollars we need for vehicle upkeep and supporting our families in one of the most expensive cities in America.