FHV Workers Are Stronger Together

Regular Discussions

Secure a seat at the table with authorized management in regular meetings with a Council of Drivers

Driver Protections

Provide deactivation protection through hearings in front of independent panels.

Planning & Assistance

Provide drivers with professional training, legal help, financial planning, roadside assistance, and community support.

Cost Savings

Improve the lives of professional drivers through cost savings, access to low-cost insurance, benefit packages for drivers.


Political and legislative representation, with the Guild fighting for policies that best help drivers earn a living.

Tell the TLC to Protect Drivers’ Pay

For-hire vehicle companies have been profiting from false promises for far too long. Many IDG members trusted ride-hail companies that called themselves “driver-friendly” but we all know they only have one goal: to profit from your labor.

Sign our petition calling on the TLC to protect drivers’ pay. 

Sign The Petition

About the IDG

The Independent Drivers Guild is a Machinists Union project to organize and support app-based drivers. We are 50,000 Uber, Lyft, Juno, Via workers in solidarity for a fair industry. We fight to increase income, decrease costs, win benefits essential to our families, and win basic protections not currently available to for-hire vehicle workers.