After months of negotiations, the Independent Drivers Guild won our members the right to a fair deactivation appeal with Uber management. If you have been deactivated from using the Uber app, there is now due process for you to be able to work on the app again. The Independent Drivers Guild is the first labor organization in the nation to have negotiated a fair process for this crucial protection.

If Uber has permanently taken away your access to the app, please apply to appeal now on their website.

Please note: do not admit guilt when applying for a hearing. If you would like help writing what happened on their application, please contact us and we’ll have a Guild steward help you.

There are three key parts of the deactivation appeals panel that make the process fair:

The IDG only has power because tens of thousands of members are signed up, hundreds of drivers are organizing in the streets, in the lots, and at committee meetings building worker-power from the ground up. Our goal is to ensure basic protections and working condition improvements for all working drivers. Due process for deactivations is an important step in that direction.