Uber Drivers’ Petition Calls For Bathroom at JFK Airport

New York, NY — There’s a problem that For Hire Vehicle drivers have been trying to address for years – there’s no place for drivers to use the bathroom at JFK airport. While passengers, taxi drivers, and even pets have access to a restroom at JFK, ridesharing drivers wait in a satellite lot with no facilities. As ridesharing drivers wait for passengers making their way through one of the world’s busiest airports, there is no safe, clean place to use the restroom.

The Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) is launching a petition calling for a bathroom at JFK airport: LINK

“It’s a grim situation in the waiting lot. Half-filled bottles of questionable origin and odor litter the cell phone lot, where the only place to go to the bathroom currently is a section of the parking lot where there are a few anemic bushes,” said Sohail Rana, Uber Driver & IDG Committee Member.

“The lack of clean, accessible bathrooms for drivers has been a problem for too long. The atrocious situation at JFK airport must be corrected,” said Independent Drivers Guild founder Jim Conigliaro, Jr. “Drivers have been bringing this up to the authorities and rideshare companies for years with no progress – but with the power of the Guild we intend to win this basic necessity.”

The airports are always one of the busiest locations for ridesharing drivers, but the increased travel at the holiday season means drivers will be spending even more time at JFK. Limiting access to clean restrooms and handwashing facilities is a health threat for drivers, who face increased risk of infection, as well as for the broader public.

“Ridesharing passengers would be shocked to see the conditions these drivers are subjected to,” added Conigliaro, Jr. “We invite passengers and the public to stand with us by signing the petition to correct this indignity.”

The Guild is spreading the word through emails, texts, and social media:



The IDG is a labor organization representing and advocating for more than 45,000 Uber drivers serving New York City and is an affiliate of the Machinists Union (IAMAW – District 15).