Our Victories

Taking on billion dollar ride-hail companies to win better pay and improve working conditions is a big challenge we can only win by working together. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but here are a few examples where for-hire vehicle workers united to win.

Current Campaigns

After years of pay cuts, drivers need tips more than ever but Uber and other companies refused to add a tipping option to the app. The IDG won a law requiring a tipping option in New York City, Uber’s largest market. Soon thereafter Uber finally added a tipping option across the U.S.

UberPOOL Opt-Out

Luxury vehicle drivers cannot make ends meet with lower-fare UberPOOL rides, but the threat of deactivation forced drivers into taking POOL requests. The IDG called on Uber to allow luxury vehicles to opt out of UberPOOL and take only rides that allow them to make a living.

Deactivation Protection and Direct Access to Uber Management

Before the IDG, drivers had no recourse if they were kicked off the app and no way to communicate with Uber management. Now, New York City Uber workers have the strongest appeals process in the U.S., not to mention 24/7 customer service and the ability to submit grievances and suggestions directly to Uber management.

Drivers demand a raise

For-hire vehicle companies have been profiting from false promises for far too long. Many IDG members trusted ride-hail companies that called themselves “driver-friendly” but we all know they only have one goal: to profit from your labor.

Sign our petition calling on the TLC to protect drivers’ pay. 

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FHV Workers Are Stronger Together

Regular Discussions

Secure a seat at the table with authorized management in regular meetings with a Council of Drivers

Driver Protections

Provide deactivation protection through hearings in front of independent panels.

Planning & Assistance

Provide drivers with professional training, legal help, financial planning, roadside assistance, and community support.

Cost Savings

Improve the lives of professional drivers through cost savings, access to low-cost insurance, benefit packages for drivers.


Political and legislative representation, with the Guild fighting for policies that best help drivers earn a living.

About the IDG

The Independent Drivers Guild is a Machinists Union project to organize and support app-based drivers. We are 70,000 Uber, Lyft, Via workers in solidarity for a fair industry. We fight to increase income, decrease costs, win benefits essential to our families, and win basic protections not currently available to for-hire vehicle workers.

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