Represented Membership

Right now, the Guild represents all Uber drivers in New York City. Those represented members have access to the following benefits, all you need to do is create a free account with your TLC number:

Deactivation Appeals

IDG members will have the right to go before an appeals panel with representation if they wish to challenge their deactivation.

A collective Voice

Member representatives participate in meetings with company management to articulate the issues our membership is facing on the road, and seeks to resolve them.

Legal Services

The Guild provides access to deeply discounted legal services to fight unfair New York Taxi and Limousine Commission and NYPD traffic violations. Most NYPD tickets can be fought for $100.

Workers Compensation

Through the power of workers organizing with the Machinists Union, the Black Car Fund was created to provide workers comp for every black car driver in New York City. The Guild assists with claims.


You also have access to both Health and Wellness as well as Safety classes. When you take the classes with the Black Car Fund, you will be paid up to $300. Sign up for classes here.

Policy Advocacy

A clear political and legislative voice to fight for policies that best help you earn a living.

Rewards Portal

We help Guild members and their families save money by providing:

Additional Benefits for Dues-Paying Members

As our full membership grows, so will our bargaining power to win even more of the critical group benefits drivers want at lower prices. Become a dues-paying member now.

Group Accident Insurance

Dues-paying members of the Independent Drivers Guild are covered by group accident insurance. You may view the plan details here. Dues-paying members may file a claim below. View some plan details here.

Stewardship Program

The IDG is working to serve drivers that are new to the industry and build a culture of solidarity, mutual aid, and community by starting a Guild steward program. This mentorship structure facilitates veteran drivers helping new drivers, or drivers that would like support.

Works Council Participation

New York City drivers are the only drivers in the nation with a venue to raise workplace issues with Uber management. Only full members may be representatives on the Works Council meeting with company management.