— حسن سجواني Hassan Sajwani (@HSajwanization) May 11, 2019 'Reflects Patriarchal Bankruptcy' The killing of #women who speak up in order to silence them is the final evidence of utter #patriarchal bankruptcy; it happened again in #Afghanistan today, as the so-called ‘protectors’ and ‘liberators’ of … In a 2017 tweet, he wrote, “Assad is a modern day hero standing up to demonic forces seeking to destroy his people and nation – GOD BLESS ASSAD!” Similar Assad-friendly sentiments have been expressed by far-right figures in Europe. These patterns played out for more than a decade but intensified in recent years, and they proved to be effective instruments to win friends and influence enemies. 1k 84. Business, Trending News ATM, PNB, Punjab National Bank. — حسن سجواني Hassan Sajwani (@HSajwanization) February 2, 2020 Read: China: Authorities Threaten 7 Yrs In Prison For Spreading 'fake News' Over Coronavirus The world is battling the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus that has claimed more than 420 lives in China alone. Herald Media Network Limited. Registered office: 156 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1HW. As media and people in the United Arab Emirates hailed the Gulf state's deal to normalise relations with Israel as a diplomatic victory that helps the Palestinians, silence reigned in Saudi Arabia, longtime figurehead of regional policy towards Israel. حسن سجواني Hassan Sajwani + Your Authors @HSajwanization Hassan Sajwani an #Emirati tweets #news #tech business #counter Terrorism, ... HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed @MohamedBinZayed receives #Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi @narendramodi at Qasr Al Watan, #AbuDhabi where he was accorded an official reception. At the moment he is followed by 94.005 Followers and follows himself 597 Twitter users. Among other efforts, a delegation of Saudi women was dispatched to meet with the far-right bloc of the European Parliament. Hussain gave everything he had for the dignity of his society in the face of corruption – forever changing the course of history. “There will come a day that we will see far more radical extremists and terrorists coming out of Europe because of lack of decision-making, trying to be politically correct, or assuming that they know the Middle East, and they know Islam, and they know the others far better than we do,” Zayed said. Follow him on Twitter at: @hxhassan. While replying to businessman Hassan Sajwani who emphasised that the UAE and Israel wrote history, a Pakistani Twitter user Zulqarnain Shah wrote, “And Now Turkey and Pakistan Also Write History.” On Thursday, a Twitter user Imad Khan, residing in a make-believe world, claimed that Pakistan was “fully prepared” to fight Israel. Instead, they often involve scare tactics to play up the threat and create an atmosphere in which an alternative to these regimes becomes unthinkable from a Western policy standpoint. Hussain was a 7th century revolutionary leader who made the ultimate stand for moral justice.His legacy inspires millions to strive for a just society. Pick Assembles Team of Foreign-Policy Veterans, The Rise and Fall and Rise (and Fall) of the U.S. Financial Empire, Don’t Pursue Saudi-Israeli Peace at Jordan’s Expense, Putin Has Learned From Belarus in Handling the Navalny Protests. Dubai (Middle East) – There has been a growing wave of Islamophobia worldwide, especially apparent in the Middle East urging many Arabs to come forth and lend their support to the Muslims, against religious extremists. Since he registered on Twitter he posted an impressive number of 97.499 Tweets. The field of counterextremism has been the ideal front for the regional governments’ preferred narrative: They elicit sympathy from the West by claiming to also suffer from the perfidies of radical jihadis and offer to work together to stem the ideological roots of the Islamist threat. Arab regimes spend millions of dollars on think tanks, academic institutions, and lobbying firms in part to shape the thinking in Western capitals about domestic political activists opposed to their rule, many of whom happen to be religious. The supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami hold a burning effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an anti-Indian protest rally in Peshawar on March 1, 2019. Most of such posts come from supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. — حسن سجواني Hassan Sajwani (@HSajwanization) July 10, 2020. Herald Media Network is an independent UK Company – It is not affiliated with any other organisation. In Saudi Arabia, even atheists are defined as terrorists under existing anti-terrorism laws. So I have decided to dig into the available & published data. Thread by @GaetanBurgio: From the last couple of days the hype over the Chloroquine (CQ) and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatment for #COVID19 ed me a lot. I propose to all respected followers to list all militant Hindus who are working in the GCC and spreading hate against #Islam #Muslims or our be loved Prophet Mhmd PBUH under this #hashtag #Send_Hindutva_Back_homeshow a copies of their bio. As these regimes face more pressure, they deploy fears of extremism and terrorism to garner support. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei stated that the Indian government should confront extremists and stop Muslim massacres. It was not just Arnab but 1.3 Billion Indians who knew that PM Modi was going to do something “big” after the Pulwama attack. The plan to build the temple in Abu Dhabi was approved by the Abu Dhabi government during Modi's first visit to the country in 2015. Hassan Hassan is the director of the Non-State Actors in Fragile Environments Program at the Center for Global Policy and a co-author of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror. An empirical analysis of Aga Khan University Hopsital by Mr Hassan Feroz Sajwani . Sajwani, who has family links to both the Emirati government and the Trump family (his uncle is the founder and chairman of Damac Properties, which developed the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai), then posted tweets that echo the type of fear-mongering and dog-whistle attacks on Muslims that have been widely credited with inspiring the Christchurch attacks. Hassan Sajwani (@HSajwanization) April 15, 2020. Politics, Trending News #PM Narendra Modi, COVID-19 Vaccine. —Hassan Sajwani (@HSajwanization) August 4, 2020. Trending. A large number of Indian expats live across the Gulf and the GCC is one of the largest trading partners of the subcontinent. 42. The Middle East putting an intolerant front to this behaviour shall surely dissuade people from putting forth problematic statements. Modi has been maintaining friendly strategic relationships with the Gulf countries. For instance, a businessman based in the UAE Sohan Roy wrote a poem with an image that seemed to be signaling towards the incident. After getting first round bye, 11-year-old Saman carved out 11-9, 11-5, 10-12, 11-9 victory over Bushra Anwer while nine-year-old Hoor gets the better of Haiqa Hassan straight 11-6, 11-9, 11-3. (Source: Bilal Marie Jawich/ Facebook) As devastating videos and photos of the Beirut blast have flooded social media platforms, one picture of a nurse standing tall amid all chaos cradling three newborn babies has emerged as a symbol of hope. He put forth an apology for his mistake and deleted the previous post. For many countries, the definition of terror is that you have to carry a weapon or terrorize people. Compare that to YouTube. Rumors that Riyadh is seeking to displace Amman would humiliate and weaken the Jordanian monarchy and endanger regional security. What followed were instances of discrimination against Muslims, with people voicing their “beliefs” on social media and the Gulf condemned these behaviors. The two sides’ political goals don’t completely overlap: Western Islamophobia can be far more vehement and sweeping than the variety supported by Arab governments. 18 January 2021. In leaked emails published in 2017, the Emirati ambassador to the United States summed up this propaganda in response to complaints about the continued emergence of jihadis from the region: “Look, I’ll be the first to admit that this ideology is a problem and its problem that needs to be dealt with. Growth of Trade in light of Islamic Banking Product. Browse people beginning with the letter 'H' Main content starts below. India’s tricky regional balance of power isn’t made any easier by sectarian tensions. Image of India Built by Congress Being Destroyed by Modi: Rahul. The negativity you see is only coming from outside,” said Emirati Twitter user Hassan Sajwani, who describes himself as an Emirati writer on current affairs and counter-terrorism with over 60,000 followers. “I’m sorry, but that’s pure ignorance.” The message was clear: European leaders would face a future endemic of Islamic extremism if they continued to tolerate the presence of what he described as radical extremists and terrorists in the name of human rights, freedom of expression, and democracy.