Financial Assistance : I’ve just been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. What do I do now?

All App based companies have a coronavirus financial assistance policy. If you are diagnosed with Covid19 and received a doctor’s note stating so, then you qualify for 14 days pay leave. Payment amount is based on the average of your average earnings over the last 6 months, regardless of age.

TELEMED : I don’t feel well and I don’t have any insurance. What can I do?

Any driver that does not feel well to connect with telemed 1-833-814-8590 to activate their benefit.

FOOD : How am I supposed to provide food for my family with no income?

There are a few ways you can find ways to put meals on your table. You can check your eligibility for SNAP benefits by going to City Harvest’s website.

Schools are closed, but they are providing three meals a day to everyone that shows up. You can find locations of the schools distributing food here. They are available Monday- Friday 7:30a-1:30p

Here is a list of the nearest food pantry. Click here 

CAR PAYMENT: I cannot make my monthly payment on my rental. What should I do?

Car rental companies are waving certain fees or have some relief option that a driver can pick from based on utilization. Please reach out to your rental company for more information

INSURANCE : I can’t afford to make my monthly insurance payment due to the pandemic. What should I do?

Call your insurance companies to find out what kind of assistance your insurance company will offer.  Ask to postpone payment w/o penalties

American Transit: Waiving late payment fees on existing non-payment cancellations, postponing non-payment cancellations for the next 60 days, will give you the option to make overdue payments over a 12-month period if you cannot make payment in a timely manner. Contact @ 212-857-8200 for more information

Hereford:  Waiving late payment fees on premiums due during March and April, offering deferrals on premium payments due during March and April. Contact @ 718-361-9191 for more information

Inshur : Will be delaying monthly insurance premiums due up until May 29th, waiving any late fees for payment through June. They’ve also given you the option to downgrade your coverage at no extra cost in efforts to  help drivers who choose the For-Hire Vehicle storage option. If you choose this, INSUR promises to promptly cancel your policy at no additional charge and refund any return premium within 2 weeks.

GRIEVANCE: Before the pandemic, I filled out a grievance form and still have not heard back from Uber/Lyft. What should I do?

Due to Covid-19, Uber closed their offices until further notice. We will have to follow up once the ban has been lifted

CLASSES: I had scheduled for the defensive driving class for renewal. What happens if I missed the date due to the pandemic?

All Classes are suspended until further notice. We will contact you in order of importance and schedule accordingly. Leave your information  here link 

OTHER RENT/BILLS ETC… I have no income coming in and I cannot make payment right now.

NYS froze rents, electric and cable bill payments.

Landlord: If your landlord harasses you about payment, you should reach out to Met Council on Housing, Tenant’s Rights Hotline: 212-979-0611

Mortgage: If your loans are owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you will be able to delay your payment for up to 12 months if the pandemic affected your income. Even if you got your mortgage from a bank it probably qualifies

Electric: Utility companies have promised that they will not shut off service for non-payment, and waive late fees but you should still call them to work out a plan

Cable: Will not charge late fees to customers affected by the pandemic, and will not terminate service. Make sure you reach out to your provide to make plans due to the pandemic


PPP: Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses to agree to set aside at least $1 million dollars for drivers who apply for Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans. The loans, if used to cover payroll and expenses specified under the loan (for example, interest on an auto loan, payment towards a vehicle lease, and gas money) can be forgiven. This money is on a first come first served basis.