The Guild is driven by For-Hire Vehicle workers in solidarity fighting for a better work environment. When we stand together, we will win a more dignified job, safer working conditions, and a bigger share of the profits of our labor. Get involved with some of our campaigns by first putting your name down as a supporter. If you don’t see the issue you’re most interested in, consider becoming a member of our organizing committee.

Current Campaigns

Call to Action: Fight for the Driver Bill of Rights

End the war on New York City For-Hire Vehicle TLC Drivers!

Sign our petition to put a stop to unfair treatment of drivers by the app- based companies.

1.THE RIGHT TO FAIR AND MINIMUM COMPENSATION (WITHOUT ANY LOOPHOLES THAT APPS CAN EXPLOIT): Enforce pay rules so drivers get the raise we were promised. Cap company commissions to stop the practice of overcharging riders and underpaying drivers. Require “deadhead” pay for all classes of vehicles. Enact higher minimum rates for classes of vehicles with higher expenses. Require apps to reinstate the destination filters and stop other practices designed to get around fair pay rules.

2. THE RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS AND JOB SECURITY: Prevent Apps from deactivating drivers without a stated cause, require apps to have a due process structure which includes a fair hearing with union/guild representation.

3. THE RIGHT TO EQUAL PROTECTION AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAWS: We must have a driver cap that provides power to the drivers to control their own destinies, we must have have active enforcement of existing laws and TLC regulations, and new laws and regs that promotes fairness and parity: Must have rooftop ads, predatory leasing regulations.

4. THE RIGHT TO SECURE A SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT: Rear facing cameras paid for by the apps, active and aggressive NYPD/TLC investigations into assaults on drivers and cooperation with victims families. Require apps to offer one touch or voice activated 911 which sends GPS location to 911 dispatchers. Adequate parking spaces for the city’s 80,000 FHV drivers to legally make brief stops and access running water restroom facilities. Require apps to charge a rider fee for safety violations to be paid in full to driver to incentivize drivers to cancel unsafe trips (minors, no child safety seat, too many riders for vehicle), encourage safe ridership, and compensate drivers for their time.

5. THE RIGHT TO PURSUE REASONABLE OPPORTUNITIES: Adopt policies that promote driver ownership over leasing, limit new TLC driver licenses rather than vehicle licenses. Allow all TLC drivers the same opportunity to increase their earnings without increasing congestion through rooftop advertising.

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Drivers United

Join IDG as we stand in solidarity with the drivers fighting for fair pay across the country!

May 8th, 2019 @ 10:00am

Together New York City Drivers won:

  • Tipping
  • A Pay Floor Raise
  • Deadhead Pay

Now it’s time to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the United States!

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Tell Lyft to follow the rules and raise driver pay

After years of fighting for a living minimum wage, IDG drivers won a nearly $10,000 annual raise. The TLC agreed these companies can’t continue to get richer while drivers struggle to get by. But just two days before our long overdue pay raise, Lyft sued to say they just can’t afford it.

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Tell Albany That App-Based Drivers and Riders Cannot Afford Another Tax

Repeal the regressive and unfair sham congestion tax and replace it with a tax that targets the real congestion culprits.

In its current form, this so-called “congestion tax” will make it less affordable and less possible for working people to live without cars of their own and harm the livelihood of 100,000 poor immigrant working families.

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Demand Fair Leasing Prices

We cannot allow leasing companies to exploit the vehicle cap to take advantage of our fellow drivers. We demand a fair limit to leasing prices. Sign this petition to demand a fair limit to leasing prices.

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Tell the TLC to Protect Drivers’ Pay

For-hire vehicle companies have been profiting from false promises for far too long. Many IDG members trusted ride-hail companies that called themselves “driver-friendly” but we all know they only have one goal: to profit from your labor.

Sign our petition calling on the TLC to protect drivers’ pay. 

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Support the NYC driver healthcare bill

36.6% of IDG members said they do not have healthcare insurance according to an internal survey. It’s appalling that in one of the most wealthy cities in America, the people responsible for the safe transportation of over 200,000 people per day don’t have access to affordable health insurance.

That’s why the New York City Council proposed bill 1301 to help drivers cover the costs of healthcare. Support this bill now.

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Workers Need Access to Bathrooms In Manhattan

There are over 50,000 new for-hire vehicle workers in New York City today. That’s up from around 10,000 before Uber came to town.

With this shift in demographics, our city’s infrastructure has not caught up—if we have to use the restroom in an emergency, we often times run the risk of losing hundreds of dollars in a ticket. There is a severe shortage in FHV parking throughout Manhattan. In partnership with the Taxi and Limousine Commission, we have been pushing the Department of Transportation to add more FHV rest areas, but they are moving extremely slowly.

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Workers Need Access to Bathrooms at JFK

There’s a problem that For Hire Vehicle drivers have been trying to address for years – there’s no place for drivers to use the bathroom at JFK. 

While drivers are waiting to pick up passengers, sometimes for quite a while as customers make their way through one of the world’s busiest airports, there is no safe, clean place to use the bathroom.

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