There has been an outbreak of the COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus. NYC relies on drivers to move people around the city. As professional drivers, we drive everyone, everywhere. And that comes with a risk of exposure. Please consider your health and stay home if you can. If you do work, please stay safe.

We are continually updating driver resources here:
NYC Drivers in need of assistance can call our hotline at  917-594-5443 


Sign up for  24/7 access to the doctor. Click HERE  or call 1-833-814-8590.

The IDG would like you to take the following precautions to protect yourself, but if you feel sick, stay home and call a doctor immediately.

Please keep your vehicle clean at all time. Make sure you have basic cleaning and disinfection products and wipe all surface, especially the areas that are frequently touched. Spray as needed. The virus is spread through the air and by touching something an infected person touched.

Please Be Safe Out There!

Click here for additional updates on COVID-19

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