We are not the first workers to stand up against injustice. For generations, the poor and powerless have fought back against the rich and powerful. These conflicts shaped the world we live in today. By understanding the struggles of the past, we can learn how things ended up the way they are– and build our knowledge about how we can build power to change reality.

In this series, we will read and discuss texts and films focused on the history of organizing in the For-Hire Vehicle sector in New York City. Through a reading of Graham Russell Gao Hodges’ “Taxi: A Social History of the New York City Cab Driver” and other texts, we will trace the story of worker struggle in the for-hire vehicle industry from 1907 until today through union organizing drives, strikes, attempts to create cooperatives and political parties, and other forms of collective action. By understanding the past, we will gain insight into how we can shape the future.

Meetings take place at 456 Johnson Ave #420 every Wednesday 4:00-5:30pm starting June 27th. You must registers at the ticket link above. Participants are expected to attend all sessions.

Core Text: “Taxi! A Social History of the New York City Cab Driver.” Participants will be provided with a copy of the text.

Schedule (please complete the reading before the class that it is listed under)
Week 1- June 27th
Ness, “Black-Car Drivers: Industrial Restructuring and New Worker Organizing”

July 4th- no meeting

Week 2- July 11th
Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 of Taxi!
Movie: TBD

Week 3- July 18th
Chapter 3 of Taxi!
Movie: Labor’s Turning Point

Week 4- July 25th
Chapter 4 of Taxi!
Movie: Salt of the Earth

Week 5- August 1st
Chapter 5 of Taxi!
Movie: At the River I Stand

Week 6- August 8th
Chapter 6 of Taxi!

Week 7- August 15th
Chapter 7 and Epilogue of Taxi!

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