Classes Welcome

This work, moving New York to where it wants to be, isn’t easy. Pay is low, expenses are high, TLC and NYPD cops are out to get us, and to top it all off, some customers are…difficult.

The IDG exists to not only build power for a fair industry, but we are a community of drivers looking out for one another. One way we do that is by offering classes for free for New York City drivers, or people that want to be drivers, to talk about the reality of the industry and to build community with experienced drivers.

See the schedule of upcoming classes here.

One of our key classes is the Defensive Driving Class, which all Taxi and Limousine Commission-licensed drivers are required to take every three years. It is so popular because you will be paid $300 from the Black Car Fund to attend, you can have 4 points removed from your license, and you can get a 10% insurance reduction when you take the class.

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CDL Career Opportunity Luncheon @ New England Motor Freight

Ready to trade your “gig” for a good full-time job?

Stop by New England Motor Freight from 10am-2pm on July 11th to learn about an exciting career opportunity as a union trucker, and get a free lunch! NEMF has paid training opportunities for the right candidate. In a few months, you could be on the road driving a local truck route making $20/hour, 40 hours/week, medical, dental, vision, and retirement benefits.

Extra support is available for women, veterans, and people under 25.

Interested? The first step is getting your Commercial Learners Permit by passing the written test at the DMV. We offer a test prep class together with the IAM union. Fill out this form to learn more about the class and application process.

This special opportunity is brought to you by the Independent Drivers Guild-IAMAW, IAMAW District 15, IAM CREST, and New England Motor Freight.