Tell Albany That App-Based Drivers and Riders Cannot Afford Another Tax


End Predatory Leasing

While we support slowing the number of drivers entering the industry, limiting the number of vehicles on the street will lead to all new drivers being forced to lease, which will skyrocket the costs of leasing and vehicle costs as a whole. That is why the City Council agreed to regulate leasing companies.

While the bill to regulate leasing companies is proposed in City Council, our sources say it was written by the bosses of the industry. We have to demand a voice at the table, and we have to demand fairness. If we let up for one second, these companies will get away with anything they want.

In addition, the data the City Council has available that they are using to regulate leases and our pay is not based on reality. The recent Taxi and Limousine Commission study alleges that monthly vehicle leasing averages $635 per MONTH. We all know that right now, the lowest price you can get for an old Toyota Camry is $350 per WEEK.

We cannot allow leasing companies to exploit the vehicle cap to take advantage of our fellow drivers. We demand a fair limit to leasing prices. Sign this petition to demand a fair limit to leasing prices.


Email the City Council to vote yes!

On August 8, the New York City Council will vote on what will be a huge win for IDG members. Now it’s time to cross the finish line. These bills will create a fair pay floor, and stop Uber and all the companies from over-hiring.

Email City Council Speader Corey Johnson and tell him why a pay raise is important to you.

To view how the pay floor will affect your pay, click here. If you have questions about the temporary vehicle cap, click here.


Temporary Vehicle Cap Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to answer some of the questions drivers have asked about Levin’s 144-B (the temporary vehicle cap):

How long will the cap be in effect and when will it go in effect?

The cap is a moratorium for 12 months and goes into effect the day the bill is signed into law. The bill is scheduled to be signed on Tuesday, August 14

Is this limiting vehicles or drivers? 

Vehicles. This is the license the moratorium effects:


The cap is on For-Hire Vehicle Licenses which are what give a vehicle owner the right to have a vehicle operate on the streets (like a medallion), not Universal Drivers Licenses. This is not a limit on TLC Drivers Licenses. The companies will continue to nonstop hire workers, though the hiring will likely slow, especially after four months or so. 

I currently own a TLC vehicle, can I replace it?

Yes. If you currently own a vehicle, you may replace it with another vehicle during the 12 month moratorium period. You may not have two TLC-plated vehicles, but you can retire your old vehicle as a TLC plated car.

I’m currently processing my TLC licensure for my vehicle, will I be able to license my car?

Yes. The City Council has promised us that if you are currently in the waiting period to acquire your FHV License, your application will be honored.

My leasing partner currently owns the FHV License, but I am in a Lease-To-Own agreement and will own it within a year. Will I be able to own and operate my vehicle?

Yes. If you entered into a Lease-To-Own agreement before the bill goes into effect and that agreement is longer than two years, if the FHV License is currently under the leasing company, you will be able to get a FHV license for the vehicle and own it.

Will the value and cost of vehicles increase under this bill?

Yes and no. Unlike a medallion, FHV Licenses are non-transferable and cannot be sold on a market, so there’s never going to be a FHV License being sold for $3 million. However, because Uber will continue getting new drivers to enter the market, there is going to be a lot of pressure for current vehicle owners to lease out their cars, and the cost of leasing will likely skyrocket. 

Is there any way I can buy a vehicle?

Yes. There are no limits on adding new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, and keep in mind that pay for WAV drivers is going to be significantly higher with our pay regulation bill. You can enter in real mile and minute numbers from a previous trip and see how big the increase would be if you were operating a WAV at

Does the IDG support this legislation?

Yes, but it isn’t exactly what we wanted. We wanted a driver cap to stop new drivers from entering the industry which would have been much more radical and would have forced wages up throughout the entire industry without any bad effects on drivers. But this vehicle cap does make it harder—though not impossible—for Uber to nonstop hire which is good as it will pressure the companies to treat and pay workers better. Along with the Fair Pay Floor legislation, which will increase driver pay when a company over hires and make it unprofitable for them to continue flooding the market, this is a one-two punch to make things better for us. 

But vehicle caps are problematic long term. The byproduct of the vehicle cap is that leasing costs will likely skyrocket if it stays in effect long term because all new drivers are effectively forced to lease or rent. However, this cap is only temporary, so we have a chance to work with the TLC to get vehicle limits, and regulations on companies like American Transit right over the next year. It is a good thing as a temporary measure.

Is there anything else about the bill package drivers should know?

The City Council is also voting on our pay regulation bill which we have been fighting for for two years. After the vote, we take the fight to the TLC to make sure it’s done right. You may test the TLC’s proposed raise here: In addition, we are working with the City Council on rules to regulate and rein in leasing companies, that bill will be proposed on August 8, along with a health benefits fund.

In addition at the state level, we are continuing to work to expand the Black Car Fund to get them to provide disability insurance, paid time off, and other benefits.

It’s a new day in the fight for a fair industry.


Chicago Drivers Need a Voice at Work

In New York City, app-based drivers have come together with the Independent Drivers Guild to have a voice in the workplace. Since workers have come together, we have won:

We are quickly advancing toward a fair industry because of driver unity.

But Chicago is a different story. Uber, Lyft, and Via drivers in Chicago are some of the most underpaid app-based workers in the country. We have no protection from the constant, unrelenting exploitation and no voice with the people making the rules.

If you are ready to unite with your fellow drivers, please fill out this form and when we are ready, we’ll get started organizing.


Council Member Koo Calling Campaign

Este mensaje está escrito en español a continuación


Fellow FHV Worker,

At this point, I don’t have to tell you that the Intro 838-a (The Diaz Bill) would absolutely destroy FHV drivers if passed.

The bill has several sponsors, including New York City Council Member Peter Koo. His district is in Flushing, Queens where thousands of IDG members live. Koo was elected to listen to their concerns, not vote to take our jobs away.

Call Council Member Peter Koo by clicking this link or dialing 833-290-1102. Let him know that working drivers cannot afford to be limited to a single app, and make it clear that Intro-838a will destroy any chance we have of making a living in this industry.

Once connected, follow the script below:

Hi, my name is Dennis Duan and I’m a For-Hire Vehicle Driver and member of the Independent Drivers Guild, who represents over 65,000 app-based professional drivers in NYC. I’m calling to ask Councilman Peter Koo to immediately stop supporting Intro 838-a because it harms workers. Thank you, have a nice day.

We may see a decision on this dangerous bill next week. Don’t let people like Peter Koo cast their votes without hearing from you.

In solidarity,

Hailing Chen, Independent Drivers Guild

Trabajadores del volante,

En este momento, no tengo que decirle que la Intro 838-a (The Diaz Bill) destruiría absolutamente los conductores de FHV.

El proyecto de ley tiene varios patrocinadores, incluyendo el miembro del Consejo de la Ciudad de Nueva York, Peter Koo. Su distrito se encuentra en Flushing, Queens, donde viven miles de miembros de IDG. Koo fue elegido para escuchar nuestros preocupaciones, y no para votar a quitarnos nuestros empleos.

Llame al miembro del Consejo Peter Koo haciendo clic en este enlace o marcando 833-290-1102. Hágale saber que los conductores que trabajan no pueden permitirse el lujo de estar limitados a una sola aplicación, y dejar en claro que Intro-838a destruirá cualquier oportunidad que tengamos de ganarse nuestra vida en esta industria.

Una vez esta conectado, siga el script a continuación:

Hola, mi nombre es ___________ y soy Conductor de vehículos para alquiler y miembro del Independent Drivers Guild, que representa a más de 65,000 conductores profesionales en Nueva York. Llamo para pedirle al concejal Peter Koo que deje de apoyar inmediatamente la Introducción 838-a porque perjudica a los trabajadores. Gracias que tengas un buen día.

Podremos ver una decisión sobre esta peligrosa legislación la próxima semana. No permita que personas como Peter Koo votan sin saber de ti.

En solidaridad,

Hailing Chen, gremio de conductores independientes

IDG 独立司机工会成员,

现在,我们不必再次强调如果市议会通过838-A 法案(迪亚兹比尔)会摧毁FHV 整个行业。


点击此链接或拨打833-290-1102 致电理事会成员顾雅明办公室 Peter Koo。让他知道,如果市府通过 838 A 法案,所有的司机将不能维持稳定的收入,并明确表示我们反对838A 法案


” 你好,我的名字是________,我是一名网约车司机和独立司机工会的成员,该组织代表了纽约市 65,000 名网约车司机的利益。我打电话希望顾议员立即取消对 838-A法案的支持,因为它会严重打击我们的收入和迫使我们离开现有的工作。”

我们很快就会看到有关这一危险法案的表决。不要让顾雅明在不理解 838 A 法案 对65000个家庭的影响的情况下投票。



Active | News

New Tax on Our Labor

For the past few months, Uber has been pushing alongside the MTA to implement a new tax on the labor of 100,000 immigrant workers. We have been at the table demanding the following:

The final deal was decided late last week. Elected officials agreed on a deal that implements the following to fund the MTA:

Instead of a tax on all vehicles, for-hire vehicles have been singled out to carry the burden for the whole city, while commercial trucks and private cars get off scot-free. It’s clear that for-hire vehicles are seen as the low hanging fruit and there is little doubt that is because monied special interests take precedent and most FHV drivers are immigrants who can’t vote.

Still, we did successfully beat back previous proposals that would have been worse, including a $1 tax on all rides in New York City in addition to the new Manhattan tax for app-based trips, and no tax on any other vehicles.

While we did not win the social safety net for drivers in the budget bill, we believe that we have the support to win in the regular State legislative session. State elected officials could not deliver on the guarantee to stop companies from taking the sum of the tax from our cut of the fare, however all eyes are on our demand that the Taxi and Limousine Commission regulate pay. If the TLC approves our rule, our pay will be protected from this and other taxes. The city’s decision will be announced by May 21st.

With the support of 15,000 petition signers that are struggling to provide for their families, the backing of state and city elected officials, and the support of our partner community organizations, we know that we will win a fair industry.

This new tax will be devastating to some of our members. But by coming together and compelling the TLC and other elected officials to move forward on our other proposals we will no longer have to face the dilemma of having to choose between spending time with our families and being able to provide for them.

The IDG is a Machinists Union affiliate organizing app-based drivers. We are Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno workers united for a fair for-hire vehicle industry.

Active | Event

Action Night Tuesday Night!

Join us for our weekly action nights to help us win the fight for pay regulation. We’ll be reaching out to fellow IDG members and encouraging them to get involved in this important fight!




Workers win when we unite and fight. Last year, IDG members organized and won a New York City law and a Taxi and Limousine Commission rule which forced Uber and Via to add a tipping option to their apps, resulting in another $10-$50 in drivers pockets per week. Now we must come together to win a For-Hire Vehicle-specific minimum wage that’s high enough to provide for our families.

The Pay Organizing Committee—the group of workers organizing to win fair pay—approved a proposal to ensure workers can provide for our families. These are our key demands of the proposal:

You may find the full proposal how to improve pay here. If you support our demands, sign our petition, join the Pay Organizing Committee, and tell your fellow drivers.

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ڈرائیوروں کا کراے میں اضافۂ کا مطالبا ۔ اور لا نگ ٹرپ سے واپسی کی فیس

جب ورکرز متحد ہو کر لڑتے ہے تو ورکرز کی جیت ہو تی ہیں. گزشتہ سال، آئی ڈی جی کے ارکان نے متھد ہو کر نیو یارک شہر کے ٹیکسی اور لیمزین کمیشن میں ابر اور ویا میں ٹپنگ ڈالنے کے لۓ اپیل داخل کی ۔ اپیل کو ٹیکسی ا ینڈ لمیزین نے منضور کرکے کانون بنا دیا ۔ جس نے ابر اور ویا کو ان کی اطلاقات کو ٹپنگ اختیار میں اضافے کے لئے مجبور کیا، جس کے نتیجے میں اب $ 30- $ 100 ڈرائیوروں کی جیبوں میں ایک ہفتے اضافی جاتے ہں ۔ اب ہمیں لازمی طور پر اپنے خاندانوں کو فراہم کرنے کے لئے کافی کم از کم مزدوری حاصل کرنے کے لئے ایک ساتھ ملنا ضروری ہے.

پے آرگنائزنگ کمیٹی – کارکنوں کے گروپ نے منصفانہ تنخواہ منظور کراونے کے لئے ایک تجویز پیش کی ہے ۔ تجو یز میں کارکنوں کو اپنے خاندانوں کو فراہم کر نے کو یقینی بنانا مقصد ہے ۔ تجویز کے اہم مطالبات ذیل ہیں:

آئی ڈی جی تمام ڈرائیوز کے لۓ کم از کم اضا فی تنخواہ کا مطالبہ کرتا ہے- قیمتوں میں فی گھنٹہ اور فی میل اور فی منٹ 37 فیصد اضا فہ کا مطا لبا کیا گیا ہے ۔ تمام کمپنز کو کراے بڑحانے چاۓ اس میں اوبر ۔ لیفٹ۔ جنو سمیت تمام پلیٹ فارموں کے کرایوں میں اضافۂ کا مطالبہ کیا گیا ہے ۔  

آئی ڈی جی زیادہ سے زیادہ کرایہ کے اضافہ کا مطالبا کرتا ہے. ہمیں اوبر کو اپنے مسافروں کو ڈبل سے زیادہ چارج کرنے اور ڈراینور کو کم از کم پے کرنے سے روکنا ضروری ہے ۔ ہم یہ مطالبہ کرتے ہیں کہ ابر اور دیگر کمپنیوں کو اپنے مسافروں کو 20٪ سے زائد چارج نہیں کرنا چاہیے جو ڈرایںور کو ادا کیا جاتا ہے.

آئی ڈی جی مطالبہ کرتا ہے کہ ڈراۂورز کو لانگ ٹرپ سے نیویارک سٹی میں واپس جانے کے لئے مڈیڈ ھیڈ فیس ملے جبکہ گاڑی میں کوئی مسافر نہیں ھوتا ہے.

آپ یہاں کراےکےافآفے کی مکمل تجویز کو پڑھ کر سکتے ہیں. اگر آپ ہماری درخواستوں کی حمایت کرتے ہیں تو، ہماری درخواست نامہ پر دستخط کریں، مہم سے ملوث ہوں اور اپنے ساتھی ڈرائیوروں کو بھی بتائیں.

یہاں درخواست نامہ پر دستخط کریں )براہ مہربانی نوٹ کریں کہ درخواست انگریزی میں ہے)